Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Got a few things marked off the list

A rafter of turkeys in our neighbor's yard.We spent the afternoon blowing bubbles (anyone have a good homemade recipe? The one I tried resulted in very wet pops and lots of soap in the eyes-not fun for a toddler!)

We got the chickens their scratch grain and still need to get more straw for them. They're laying about 3 eggs a day right now (2 chickens-Bock Bock and Gimpy) but I don't expect that to last as the light fades. I want Daddy G to set up a light with a timer so they'll keep laying through the winter.

The water table is washed out and drying outside to bring in for the winter. I went through everyone's clothes, and Zboy is set up for winter. Zgirl needs a coat and some long sleeve onesies. Daddy G and I both need more long sleeves, and he needs a coat. Everyone needs hats and gloves.

We decided that we will be setting up more hydroponics for the winter once we get a grow light. Right now, we just have 2 pepper plants (producing a TON) and 2 strawberry plants (still working on growing) We'll add some lettuce at least. We've got chocolate peppers and what were supposed to be purple peppers, but they crossbred and we have chocolate peppers and the others are a weird reddish-purple.

Still have a lot of squash that needs baking, and pumpkins that need carved or painted. I've got the wool roving for a playmat.

I've signed Zboy up for a 2 hour a week, 8 week toddler playschool group. It will be the first time he's been away from us, so cross your fingers. It's a small group, only 8 children, so we will see how he handles it.


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