Saturday, October 15, 2011

KCWC Days 4, 5 and 6-mistakes and adding long sleeves

Days 4 and 5 were spent making pj pants for the Zboy. I had lost my pattern that I used to make his rocket pants, so I retraced...and made an error somewhere. Of course, I had thought I would get fancy and make 2 pairs at once. So they are both too small. I'm in the middle of remeasuring and cutting them down for Zgirl.
Day 6, I cheated a little and made a shirt for Zboy's Halloween costume. He's going as Harry (from the book Harry and Horsie-Zgirl is going as an adaptation of Horsie) I took a plain white T, added black long sleeves underneath, and an H applique. I love upcycling-the black knit is from an old tanktop of mine that no longer fits. Even better, I used the existing hem so I didn't have to hem the sleeves. This is a fantastic way to lengthen the use of kid clothes! Take a short sleeve shirt you love, add some long sleeves, and new shirt! I even saw a tutorial online where they added the same fabric used for the sleeves as a band at the bottom of the shirt.

Just trace a sleeve shape, sew it along the seam, and pin inside the existing sleeve. Pin it wrong side to wrong side. Here I didn't, and didn't realize until I sewed it. Ripping out seams from knits sucks.

Here is the right way.

I used the stretch elastic seam (looks like a lightning bolt) to sew it in place. It's not very obvious. I could have made it less obvious by using a double needle and sewing over the existing hem, but I was feeling lazy.
Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC Day 2 and 3 results-men's dress shirt to girl's dress

The before shot (well, after removing collar before shot)

I have as yet to get Zgirl in this, so forgive the not great pics. I used the tutorial at Girl. Inspired.
I lost the pocket that was on the shirt, which I was planning to put back on in a different spot, so now I'm not sure what to do. The dress needs something more, so I'm trying to think of a fun applique or ribbon or something I can add to it. Ideas welcome!
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KCWC Day 1 results-adult T to baby dress

I procrastinated a lot, played on Pinterest way too much, but finally was inspired to make this quickie adult T to baby dress.

I traced a shirt of Zgirl's to get the basic shape, and then cut apart my adult T. I decided to save the sleeves and just cut them a bit smaller. I cut my pieces out, and left them the length of the shirt (because I really liked the original hem) Somehow, things got wonky and the front was way shorter than the back, so I just trimmed off the back. This was a short sleeve shirt-I just cut out pieces of a knit (don't you love that print?) and attached them under the hem of the short sleeve to make it long sleeve.

It's not perfect by any means, but I was pretty impressed that I went from idea to finished product in about an hour. Having a serger helps.

Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC 2011

Today is the first day of the KCWC! Unfortunately, I didn't prepare ahead of time like I had planned, so I'm just going to wing it.
Which doesn't work when your fabric hides from you! Where are you, ribbing? All the projects I want to do need you!
I have a tshirt cut out for Zgirl, and some flannel to maybe make some pjs for Zboy, and perhaps a dress for Zgirl. If I can find my ribbing, I wanted to make each of them a sweatshirt/matching pants combo.
Are you sewing for KCWC? What do you have planned?
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sensory table-first of the season!

Well, it's getting cooler outside, which means the sand/water table is turning over to the winter use as a sensory table.

Our fall tub includes-scratch grain (from our chicken supply, and they will get it when we're done), hickory nuts, black walnuts, some felt fall stickers, and some sunflower seeds. I had a metal container sitting around, so that went in, along with a berry picking basket, a scoop, and some other things for them to sift and sort.

Both kids were very into it-this is Zgirl's first time really interacting with a sensory tub as she was too young last year. It gave me a peaceful half hour to fold laundry =)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Felt face board

I've seen this idea all over Pinterest- a felt board that is for faces! A little boy I know is turning 1, and while this is a bit ahead for a 1 year old, I think he'll still enjoy it (and so will his older brother)

I had DaddyG cut a thin piece of plywood, which I covered with a big piece of felt. I used tacky glue for the surface and hot glue around the edges and back. The back...doesn't look so great, but no one will look at that (hopefully!) I suggest you leave the pieces much larger on the back than I did, so you can fold them and glue them easier.

I cut out a face piece, and hot glued that on. Then I just thought of different things to make. I made several pairs of eyes, and many hairstyles, noses, lips, mustaches and other things. The hardest part was trying to come up with those, so I have included lots of pictures of all of them.

Zboy had great fun testing this for me, so I'm planning to make one for him and one for his sister. I made this small enough that it would be a great travel toy as well.

I sewed the pouch (I should have lined it, but I ran out of time, so it was a quickie) so there would be a place to store all the pieces. I need a good way to keep the pouch and board together. I didn't think hotgluing it to the back was a good option, so I'm still thinking.
Monday, October 3, 2011


Since Harry and Horsie has been such a hit in our household (so much so that Zboy is getting that and Cookiebot for his birthday), I decided to have those be the inspiration for our Halloween costumes as well. I was trying to work with what I had on hand, rather than run out and buy a lot of fabric, so these are, as I said, inspired by the book (ie I am just calling them Harry and Horsie and they probably won't look anything like it!)
I used the woodland animal costume from Running with scissors. Remember Zboy's wolf? This pattern is so customizable and easy to follow. I did an even better job with it this time (especially the zipper!) Horsie is so far missing her ears, but I had a few mishaps trying to use some pink broadcloth cotton for the inner ear, and am waiting until I can get some felt to sew those suckers on. Zgirl isn't a fan of the hood-I think it's a bit heavy with all the yarn.
Cute, though, anyway. And warm, which is important, as it's starting to get chilly out there. Next up is turning Zboy into Horsie, and their red wagon into a rocket (I've enlisted DaddyG's help for that)


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