Monday, October 3, 2011


Since Harry and Horsie has been such a hit in our household (so much so that Zboy is getting that and Cookiebot for his birthday), I decided to have those be the inspiration for our Halloween costumes as well. I was trying to work with what I had on hand, rather than run out and buy a lot of fabric, so these are, as I said, inspired by the book (ie I am just calling them Harry and Horsie and they probably won't look anything like it!)
I used the woodland animal costume from Running with scissors. Remember Zboy's wolf? This pattern is so customizable and easy to follow. I did an even better job with it this time (especially the zipper!) Horsie is so far missing her ears, but I had a few mishaps trying to use some pink broadcloth cotton for the inner ear, and am waiting until I can get some felt to sew those suckers on. Zgirl isn't a fan of the hood-I think it's a bit heavy with all the yarn.
Cute, though, anyway. And warm, which is important, as it's starting to get chilly out there. Next up is turning Zboy into Horsie, and their red wagon into a rocket (I've enlisted DaddyG's help for that)


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