Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Healthy cooking for your kids-book review

I found this book at a discount store, and flipped through it. It has lots of healthy, but easy and fun recipes. I forgot about it until the other day, and decided to make something from it.Zanthias wasn't much in the mood for helping, but he ate cheese off a plate while he watched me from his Learning Tower (awesome thing, by the way). I made mini herbed muffins and souffled potatoes.

The muffins weren't mini, because I only have regular size cups. I should have checked the recipe before starting it, because I didn't have buttermilk either (though you can make a sub with milk and lemon juice) I also had to make my own self-rising flour. I added ricotta cheese instead of mozzarella, because I thought it would blend better, but it was too bland. I used basil for my herb. They were pretty tasty, especially when I scooped a little out of the middle and threw in some mozzarella cheese. Overall, easy, healthy recipe-that Zanthias wouldn't touch. He's somewhat of a picky eater, which is why I always try new things!

The souffled potatoes were good as well. They weren't much different than twice baked potatoes, except you add an egg (I ended up adding 2 because I suck at separating eggs) The leftover potato mix that wouldn't fit in the skins, I cooked in a small ramekin and we ate that separately another day. Yum! It was almost better without the skin.


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