Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's in your sensory table this week?

Showing off a bell

Introducing Lightning McQueen to the mix

This week, we have uncooked macaroni, colored feathers, some sparkly tinsel from a gift, and some jingle bells (though the bells have since disappeared into Zboy's room-they were a favorite) I was planning for a food items week, but I think this mix would more festive without the macaroni. I saved a couple of jingle bells to make some felted wool balls with bells in the middle for Zgirl (and I'm sure the cats will enjoy them as well)


Danielle said...

We have birdseed in our table this week... and then it got wet from the rain which made it a totally different sensory experience a few days later. The squirrels and birds are thoroughly enjoying the table, too. I moved it back outside because the weather was tolerable to be outside again.

Mama G said...

That's funny-the squirrels knock all the seed out of our feeder onto the porch and Zanthias loves to play with it outside.

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