Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green sprouts/ I play babywear product reviews +my first giveaway

I was invited to a focus group for a business that is based out of Asheville. The business is Green Sprouts/ I play babywear. It was a fun time-we brought our kids, talked about our favorite baby products, and got to weigh in on different ideas the company is contemplating. The company makes eco-friendly items that are perfect for parents looking for natural items.
The best part is that we got a goodie bag full of Green Sprouts products! I'm not much for disposable products, but if I was, these would be my choice. They're petroleum free, and free of other harsh chemicals, and are made from plants. The only negative is that they're made in China. If they were made in the US, they'd get full approval from me!
(I wasn't told to do a review or offer a giveaway-this is all on my own merit :) I wouldn't positively review anything that I didn't like even if I did get it free!)
Some of the products I was given include:
the aqua bottle

I actually already had one of these bottles, and I was really happy to get another, because my kids fight over the one we have. We have Kleen Kanteens with sippy lids, but they much prefer this one with a straw.
"New interchangeable design! BPA free! Bright colored polypropylene bottle with fun print and straw top with sliding lid. Contour shape makes bottle easy to hold. Dishwasher safe. 12 oz. Size: Stage 4/5 (24 mo-2 yr+)"
For the price ($7.99), you can't beat it. I definitely recommend this bottle for younger children (Zgirl is almost 1, and Zboy is almost 3, but they both love it.)

We got some disposable (but can be reused up to 10 times if washed in the dishwasher, more if washed by hand) snack cups, plates/bowls, and silverware.

Again, I don't like disposable products, but I DO like the price ($5.99) for each set, and that they are still reusable. I wouldn't fret if I left these somewhere. They are all made from plants, which is really neat. I especially liked the plate/bowl set, as they screw together, so you can keep things contained while traveling!

Next up is a pack of disposable placemats. We don't eat out much, and I am not much of a germaphobe, so I probably wouldn't use these much. However, they're much better than the plastic options (these are tree-free!) available at big box stores. They even come with soy crayons so the kids can color while they wait. Again, the price is right ($5.99)

This is a product I really like, and can see myself using a lot-a disposable compressed wipe, with a container that can be hooked onto your keychain. It's only $2.99 and a pack of 30 refill wipes is available for $5.99.

You just slowly pour water onto the wipe, and it expands. I hate carrying around a big thing of wipes for messes, so this seems really handy, and compact. The only downside is you need water to use it. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic!

We got a set of sea friends bath toys. I don't like most bath toys because they seem full of gross chemicals and are cheaply made. These are very nice quality, and there's enough for two to share. My one year old did try to eat them (as she does with everything) but they're fairly sturdy and just show teethmarks. $8.99

I got this bottle cap adapter.

Personally, I'll probably never use this, because I don't buy bottled water. We always use reusable bottles, and on the off chance we buy bottled water, my kids can just drink from it as is. That's why I want to pass it to someone who will use it!

Overall, I really like what the company stands for-safe toys for children. They sell a lot of clothing items too, but I can't review those as I didn't receive any and haven't bought any. If you live in Asheville, they have sample sales once in a while (that always seem to happen when I'm broke!) that offer the opportunity to try products at a great discount. These products are sold in Greenlife and Earth Fare locally.

What do you think? Do you already own any of their products? Are they something you would use?
How about a giveaway for the bottle cap adapter?(fyi, it's not apparent because the picture shows 2 tips. This is the toddler cap-it turns it into a sippy top-it's not a nipple) I'll cover shipping if you live out of state. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite iplay/Greensprouts product.
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Lisa said...

I have never heard of their products before. Based off of your review, I would definitely try them! :)

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I follow you on Google.

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I shared your giveaway on Facebook. :)

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+1'd this on Google. :)

KC said...

I hadn't heard of them before and I rarely by disposable products, but I agree that the company's mission is a great one and their prices seem to be pretty reasonable. The Toddler Food Scissors are pretty cool. The water bottle adapter would come in handy, too! :)

KC said...

I follow you on google+

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I +1'd it

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And I shared it on FB :)

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