Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On goodie bags

I know that goodie bags are falling out of favor, but as long as they don't have candy and are age appropriate, I like them! I'm trying to come up with something to give away for Zgirl's birthday party. I'm working with a limited (read=practically no) budget, so I'm looking for something I either have the materials for, or are inexpensive (no OTC, I don't have time to order)
Some ideas I've had include-
homemade finger paints (but I have nothing to put them in. I've seen them in baby food jars, but I don't know anyone who has any and I won't buy the food just for the jars)
homemade playdough (again, how do I present? I don't want to use Ziplocs)
melted crayons made into new ones in a mold (I'd have to buy a mold, because the only small one I have is skulls, and again, what to present them in?)
silly putty-this would be perfect if I had kept any of our Easter eggs around

Help? What have you made for goodie bags? What would you like to get? Would it be better to get nothing? It's a party for kids that are 3 and younger, and there will only be a few.


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