Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two heads are better than one...finally finished and hung

A while back, I made the "two heads are better than one" wall hanging quilt from Whip up! Mini quilts. Having issues with my machine led it to sit gathering dust, until I got my new machine and quilted it. After finishing the art quilt for the swap, I realized binding wasn't that hard (ha!) and proceeded to finish this quilt. The binding did not go so well this time! First, I used my bias tape foot for 1/2" binding. That ended up being too small, so I made 3/4" binding by hand (just pressing it with my iron). It ended up being a bit wonky, but I stitched it on anyway. It ended up being way small on the front (I didn't adjust my seam allowance for the larger binding) and so then is huge on the back. Oh well, you don't see that! A solid color binding may have been a better choice as well.
I sewed on a sleeve, and my handy husband cut a dowel rod to fit and nailed it to the wall (the rod, not the quilt)
Another bummer, I realized the 2 different whites I used in the skull are actually 2 different shades. Good thing my son is only 2 and doesn't care =)

Currently, I'm working on compiling resources to start a very loose type of play based homeschooling with my 2 year old (soon to be 3). Pinterest is so amazing for this. I have found so many good resources.


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