Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cars jumpsuit

There's a seam in the middle of the back-I think it matches up nicely.
Show us the bolt!

I can't believe I forgot to post this project. It's not technically done-I was waiting to get some knit fabric for ribbing at the ankles and wrists. It also still needs snaps on the front. This was from the book "Kwik sew sewing for toddlers", using the jumpsuit pattern. I have a snap press, so instead of a zipper, I'm going to use resin snaps on the front. I attempted to match the pattern, and did a great job on the back; however, on the front, I forgot to account for the fold under area where the snaps go, so it doesn't match like it should. It's the first time I've tried doing that, and while it takes a bit more time (and fabric!), the results can be great. I'll post finished pictures once I get to it (I'm making a dress for Zgirl right now on a custom request from Daddy G)


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