Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crocheted hoodie

This is the picture from the pattern.
See the weird hood shape? And how huge it is? (even though Zboy has an admittedly large head)

I used the pattern from the Bernat site (you'll have to register to see the actual pattern) It took me a while to crochet-I have limited time for crafts, and it's always split up among so many projects. Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with the pattern. I made the 2 year size and it ended up being too big. The hood is weirdly shaped as well, and too large for the hoodie, in my opinion. I used Cascade ecological wool yarn, and it was wonderful to work with, especially for the price (around $15 for a HUGE skein-it made 3 large balls of yarn) It's still cute, and was super easy, but I wish the fit was better.

Is anyone else on Ravelry? Feel free to add me-my user name is dahlea.


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