Friday, December 17, 2010

Janina pants from BurdaStyle

Not necessarily a kid-related post, but I've been taking sewing classes at the local community college. This last class was a pants fitting class, and wow, I learned so much! I got the pattern online at They're the "Janina" pattern. I made one test pair, and this is my "real" pair. I obviously still have a lot to learn-but they fit and they're wearable! I had some issues with the piping on the back pockets. I've never used it before and couldn't get it quite how I imagined it in my head. Overall, this is a pretty easy pattern, but takes some attention to detail (like how the pockets are bulging at the side? I didn't get them quite right obviously) The fabric is also really, really easy to wrinkle (it's some kind of corduroy) and even ironing didn't get out all the wrinkles. I'll have to rewash them and iron as soon as they come out of the dryer. I'm planning to make a pair of pants for Zboy out of the same material.

Ignore all the crap in the picture =) I made my husband take them while holding a baby across the room.


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