Monday, December 27, 2010

Wooden teethers

I told Daddy G I wanted a wooden teether or two for Zgirl, and he was happy to oblige. Wood was provided by JoeJoe (my dad, the kids' grandpa). Daddy G traced Zboy's hand in the ASL sign for "I love you". You can see how rough it started out, but with a lot of sanding, and some coconut oil, it's a beautiful teether that will become an heirloom! They aren't necessarily quick-the sanding takes forever, but they are pretty easy.

Daddy G is a novice woodworker (who just got a scroll saw and some fancy woods for Yule, so be prepared for more projects from him!) If anyone is interested, I can have him write up a tutorial for any of his projects.

JoeJoe made a similar one from oak that has a beautiful grain, and was then inspired to make two butterflies from poplar. Pics of those are coming soon, along with rubber band guns made for Zboy.


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