Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sparkly shirt from Prudent Baby tutorial

I made the lovely Zgirl a "Prudent baby party dress", although it ended up being more of a long shirt, due to a wiggly girl who won't hold still so Mama can measure her! The tutorial can be found here at the awesome blog that is Prudent Mama (if you've never seen it before, take your time and poke around-there are lots of great articles, tutorials, etc.)

I love the pattern and how it is pretty customizable-sleeve length, cuff or no cuff, hem or self fabric binding at the bottom, length of skirt, etc. The main issue I have is with how dang hard it is to get on! Having just one button (actually, I used a snap) doesn't allow enough room. This was kind of a tester anyway, to see how well it fit. She says it's a 9-12 month pattern and it fits Zgirl pretty well, with not a lot of room to grow (she's 19 or 20 lbs, fyi) I'm going to add 1/2" around the pattern when I make it again so that she can wear it for a while. I also plan to either have the back completely split and snap shut, or do it halfway, instead of just at the top like the tutorial says.

Her tutorial calls for a "scant" seam allowance, and I wasn't sure how much that was so I opted for 3/8". I didn't have any coordinating fabrics so I made it all of one type, with no cuffs. It took around 2 hours, I think. I'm in and out, tending to kids and husband, so it's hard to tell sometimes. All in all, I think it's adorable, and I plan to make more!


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