Friday, June 17, 2011

What can you do with your recycling bin?

I realized today that I've gotten away from the kid activities part of my blog, because I've been so craft-focused, and with the nice summer weather, we aren't doing much. We mostly hang outside with the baby pool and our sand/water table. But we have to find some inside activities for when it's just too hot out, or it's raining. Today's inspiration came from my recycling bin.

We have a ton of sour cream containers (and yogurt, and similar things) I run these through the dishwasher because they are really handy for a lot of things. One of those is playtime! Today, with several containers and lids, Zboy and I-
- had an impromptu "shell" game (he is too little to even notice the different containers, and is always surprised by where the "shell" ends up. He also likes to take charge and uses 2 containers-he always tells me where it is before I guess. Pretty funny.)
- throw them down the hall where he can race them and pick them up (great for tiring them out)
- throw them up in the air and see where they land (obviously, watch so you aren't hitting anyone with them)
-took them outside and used them to play in the pool water and sand table

Zgirl entertained herself trying to put the lid on a container for almost half an hour.

There's lots of other things you can do with them, but when you're feeling hot and lazy, these are some easy things to do. We are trying to watch a lot less tv, and need simple activities that don't require a lot of prep work or effort.

What do you like to do with these containers or other recyclables that is easy?


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