Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shirred skirt with pockets (for me!)

I've been concentrating on sewing so much for the kids that I haven't done much for myself or my husband lately. I just ordered some shirting fabric for him (there is a ton on sale at for $1.95 a yard!) and so I wanted to whip up something for myself before that arrived and I was elbow deep in trying to make a man's shirt.

The tutorial is here at Running with Scissors
. It was easy to follow, and as I didn't notice a seam allowance listed, I asked and she replied she used 1/2". I made it from a quilting cotton I had-don't you just love the retro owls? I made each of my skirt pieces 34" wide, and looking back, I should have made them 32" each, because the skirt is just a little too full and has a bit of a pouf in the front under the shirring. It was pretty quick and easy, and I'd definitely like to make more (she has examples of others she made with bias tape and contrasting thread) with some changes. I'll make the pockets deeper, for one thing. I still need to hem it, but I'm trying to decide if I like it this length or not. I may make it more knee length. What do you think?


Jen said...

Great job! Cant wait to see if you make more!

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