Monday, May 30, 2011

Animal bread

I get the Fleischmann's Yeast newsletter, which is always full of yummy recipes. The most recent was for animal shaped bread. It was quick and easy, and fun for Zboy to help add ingredients, mix, and shape. The bread didn't last long before legs were ripped off, mouths eaten, and little mouse bits appeared all over.
It's quite tasty, and could be altered to be even more healthy, but I usually like to follow a recipe exactly the first time.

Beginning shaping. The oddball shapes are his own version of a gator, a turtle, and a snake.

Yes, I need to clean off my counters before pictures, but I just never think of it. I'd rather do fun things, like make alligator bread!

I wore her for a while, but then Zgirl wanted down, and just hung out by the learning tower.

The alligator, complete with teeth. The mouth was the first thing Zboy ate.

The turtle and snake.


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