Monday, May 16, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Potatoes (Kennebec) They just keep growing like crazy!! This is my first time trying a lot of new things, like these, and I'm excited to see what happens.
We need a couple more trellises-the beans and cucumbers are in the back.
What will be a pea tepee for the kids to play in. Peas around the outside, and groundcover growing in the middle.
What the heck are these eggs?
Our hydroponics. Lettuce in the middle. Sad strawberries on top, and one good one on the bottom.

Here are some not so great evening shots of our garden thus far. Planted are carrots, lettuce, green pepper, black bean, cucumbers, potatoes, green onions, and a mystery squash. I've got the mystery squash as well as identified squash planted all around the house in the landscaping.
Also, help me identify these eggs? And an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of them?


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