Sunday, May 22, 2011

Month 6 block

For month 6, we have Mister Chompers. Alas, Mr. C is in need of a redo. I attempted a new way to applique the antennae (a small zigzag/satin stitch), determined it looked horrible, and in my stitch removal got a little carried away. It left a hole in the white background fabric. I have left him, because it made me mad. I need to decide if I should start over from scratch, or attempt to darn the hole, remove the other antenna without issue, and re-sew them.


Kimberly said...

These blocks are so much fun! I really like the batik print that you used for this particular piece.

Pinky said...

I,too, love the batik! Your Mr. Chompers is much cuter than mine! If you haven't appliqued his body I'd start block over. If you have body sewn, may be easiest to patch the hole (sew small piece of fabric on WRONG side of block), make another antenna (this one wide enough to cover repair), fuse it on and applique._

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