Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cars shirt

Today's the last day of the kids' clothing week challenge. This was my 2nd attempt at trying to trace a pattern from an existing piece of clothing (the first was the pirate pants) This went ok, but trying to trace a thick flannel long sleeve pajama shirt to make a thin cotton short sleeve shirt was probably not the best choice. My first try, I made the collar inches too short. The second try was long enough, but once I got it on Zboy, I saw the proportions of the collar were ridiculous. Oh well, it's just for pajamas. It still needs snaps, but I take pics when I can get them!

I'll attempt to adjust the pattern some, but the shirt itself fits well, and will obviously look more done and fitting once the snaps are on it. Snaps, again? Yep, I hate making buttonholes on a machine, and I have a snap press and tons of snaps!

Zgirl wanted to take a turn as well.


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